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appCD at KubeCrash 2024: Infrastructure from Code

March 13, 2024 Danielle Cook

KubeCrash: Platform Engineering: Building the Ultimate Internal Developer Platform. April 24, 2024

I’m excited to once again be planning and hosting the Spring 2024 KubeCrash. This time we focus on platform engineering and how to build the ultimate internal developer platform (IDP).

The lineup of speakers is 🔥including a keynote from Spotify, discussions on building a perfect IDP with Backstage and a number of CNCF community initiatives overviews on the CNOE project and a lightning talk by the CNCF Deaf & Hard of Hearing Working Group

This Spring, appCD sponsors the event for the first time and offers a discussion on why Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is an important part of cloud native application deployments. But just like every tool, at scale, we start to see issues. Lauren Rother, VP of Product at appCD introduces Infrastructure from Code (IfC) and how both platform engineering and development teams benefit from using an application’s code to generate consistent, secure and compliant IaC.

About KubeCrash

Now in its fifth round, KubeCrash is hosted by six cloud native companies who teamed up to bring you top-notch, KubeCon-grade crash courses on cloud native tech. No vendor pitches, just awesome open source content on projects such as Backstage, Linkerd, cert-manager, and Polaris. Check out the talks from KubeCrash Fall 2023 to get a sense of what to expect. 

Partners for Good

Why not do good while learning about cloud native tech? KubeCrash partners are teaming up to raise money for Deaf Kids Code. We'll donate $1 for each KubeCrash registration to the non-profit. 

The risk of under- or-unemployment of deaf and hard of hearing individuals is significantly higher than for hearing adults — a discrepancy that is purely based on communication barriers. Today, computing has become a bridge, providing a streamlined way to interact, creating lots of new opportunities. Deaf Kids Code's goal is to promote, inspire, and empower deaf and hard of hearing children to innovate through the world of programming. A wonderful initiative that pursues very similar goals to the CNCF Deaf and Hard of Hearing Working Group, which was initiated by one of the KubeCrash co-founders.

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