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appCD Playground Overview

March 18, 2024 Yusuf Kanchwala

appCD visualization

I’m Yusuf Kanchwala, an engineer here at appCD.  I’m going to show you some of the features of appCD that are available for you to try out on our playground. appCD provides generative infrastructure from code based on your application code. appCD will analyze, visualize and generate your infrastructure as code (IaC).



The playground has been created for you to get a hands-on experience of appCD’s capabilities and try some of its features without using any of your own code. 

First, we’re going to login to appCD. You can create a playground account using GitHub, GitLab, or Google, and it’s a very quick process. Just click and you’re in.

Here you'll see four different appStacks already available to look at. An appStack is a collection of services that make up your application along with all the cloud resources that your application access. appCD understands these services by scanning your application code. 

You can look into each one by clicking and get a visual topology of the application deployment. You can look at different stacks as well and see how to add additional elements and see how those additional elements impact the IaC. 

Next, you can see where to click to generate your IaC. These files can be deployed through your usual deployment processes.

The playground is an easy way to see what you get with appCD. If you want to use appCD on your own code, sign up with the appCD Dev Edition! And if you have any questions, comments, or feedback let us know at

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