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How Infrastructure from Code Makes Deploying Apps on AWS Lambda Easy

July 10, 2024 Asif Awan

If you're a developer using AWS Lambda for event-driven applications, you know that provisioning infrastructure can be a headache. That's where appCD comes in. appCD now supports AWS Lambda, enabling developers to auto-generate infrastructure as code (IaC) files based on their application source code. appCD Infrastructure from Code makes it faster and easier to deploy apps securely and in line with industry standard policies and best practices.

What Does appCD Do?

appCD generates Infrastructure from Code (IfC). Essentially, it takes your application code and creates the necessary IaC files for you with all the cloud best practices and security and compliance requirements already applied. This means you, the developer, can focus on writing and testing your applications without worrying about the nitty-gritty of infrastructure provisioning. 

appCD uses the resource dependencies codified in your application to give you IaC that has cloud policies and best practices baked in, and that can be enhanced through a drag-and-drop interface. You can then provide the IaC to your DevOps teams, or deploy it yourself!, without having to become an IaC/Terraform/OpenTofu expert. You, the developer, can spend your entire time and attention on implementing cool new features, functionality, and fixes in existing or new applications.

What is AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service that lets you run code without managing servers. You can run code for virtually any application or backend service, and Lambda automatically scales based on incoming requests or events. You can write Lambda functions in popular languages like Python, Java, Node.js, Go, and more, and use tools like AWS SAM or Docker CLI to build, test, and deploy your functions.

How Does appCD Make AWS Lambda Apps Better?

AWS Lambda is great for deploying event-driven applications quickly without managing servers. However, configuring and provisioning platform resources, integrating with other services, managing authentication and access control, defining event sources and targets, and managing event routing and processing, still require effort. These tasks can lead to:

  • Deployment Delays: Writing IaC files in addition to application code slows things down, and can make the effort between finishing coding and deployment feel extremely long.
  • Expertise Gaps: You are mainly focused on coding, not infrastructure. You know infrastructure is important, but there are whole jobs based around it and those jobs aren’t yours!
  • Policy Uncertainty: Without knowing all the security policies and best practices for configuring access to platform resources, IaC can end up being poorly configured and with overprovisioned privileges. And while you don’t want vulnerabilities you don’t want to keep going back and forth with security scans.

Using appCD Infrastructure from Code with AWS Lambda addresses these problems by automating IaC generation. Your analyzed code gets turned into a deployment architecture visualization that shows you what  infrastructure you need. You can enhance the deployment architecture, being confident that best practices are being followed, and then get your IaC files that were created for you. This not only speeds up deployments but also ensures that everything is secure and compliant from the start.

So you get:

  • Accelerated deployments: Infrastructure and platform resources are provisioned quickly so applications are deployed faster and your DevOps team is happy with you.
  • Auto-generated IaC: The right infrastructure is automatically provisioned for you without relying on tickets to your DevOps team. 
  • Best policy practices: Standards are enforced when IaC is created based on leading industry standards and your application.

appCD Gets Serverless Apps Deployed Faster

appCD offers:

  1. Generative Infrastructure from Code: It analyzes your application code and automatically creates the IaC files you need.
  2. Pipeline Integration: appCD fits right into your existing CI/CD pipelines, making it easy to review, provision resources, and deploy your application.
  3. Standard Enforcement: It applies all necessary policies during the IaC creation process, ensuring compliance from the beginning.

Flexible Deployment Options: Consistency across Serverless and Containerized Workloads

appCD supports both serverless and Kubernetes workloads to help ensure consistency across environments. Organizations can ensure that all best practices, security and compliance standards are applied in both AWS Lambda or AWS EKS. 

Try appCD and see how it can transform your deployment process.

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